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Animal Massage for horses and dogs Chatteris 

Massage for animals?                                            

Is that an actual thing?

Well yes, it actually is! Merishia Massage incorporates Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, fascia release, stretches and mobilisation approaches for the neck, back and limbs. This top to toe approach treats the animal as an individual, working with them to apply the most effective combination of techniques, and provides additional education in maintenance care for the owner.

Benefits of massage for animals 

Manual therapies like Merishia Massage are understood through evidence based research and observation to benefit our animals’ bodies in many ways. Merishia Massage can complement veterinary treatment in recovery from injury or operations, help with pain reduction and improved freedom of movement for animals with joint conditions, aid in overall performance, and can ease tension associated with emotional stress. The knock on effects can be far reaching; facilitating a parasympathetic response, and potentially enhancing other physiological functions in the body.

What does it involve?

The initial session will involve a good look at the way the animal moves, the fit of the tack/harness and possible ridden observation where appropriate. We will also go through a lifestyle assessment, covering workload, injury, competition work etc. This helps build up a picture of how I can best support you and your animal. this is followed by an initial treatment and aftercare, so can take up to a maximum of 2 hours for horses or 90 minutes for dogs.

Horse & rider packages

If you are slightly out of balance, chances are your horse will be too, so fixing only one of you will not help. Therefore I have put together packages to help both of you address your issues! These are specifically tailored to you and your horse, and will be geared towards what you both want to achieve. 

Reiki for animals 

The benefits of reiki for humans also apply to animals, normally even more so as animals tend to be much more receptive to the energy. Reiki can help your animal with relaxation, recovery from illness or trauma, and particularly pre-competition or travelling nerves. Reiki has also been shown to help animals at the very end point of their life, making the process less stressful for them and also their owners.

The treatment will take place in the animals home environment,somewhere quite to allow them to full relax. This will involve placing hands on the animal at specific positions, however it can be done "distantly" if safety requires. Treatments generally last around 45-60 minutes. 

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